President Message 2018

Bismillahhir Rahmanir Rahim.

At first I am very much grateful to Almighty Allah and then all my beloved voters who have elected me as a President of the Chittagong Taxes Bar Association on 30-01-2018. I also want to give my thanks to the Election Commissioner, Joint Election Commissioner and the all Assistant Commissioners to give us a peaceful and fair election. I also crave my gratitude to all candidates who participated themselves in the election. Who could not win this year, I advised them to go forward inshallah they will be successful in future. 

After I and my cabinet took responsibility of the Chittagong Taxes Bar Association on 07-02-2018 as a constitutional head I and my cabinet trying our best to do and give something to the member of the Chittagong Taxes Bar Association. Our main object is upheld the professional dignity of the member and establish sound professional atmosphere in the tax arena of the Chittagong. My cabinet also trying their level best to keep the strong bonding among the member for that reason my cabinet first time arranged Pahela Baishakha, Football Tournament in the Bar and other some programs also in pipe line which will be held within the period of my cabinet. For the betterment and accountability of the accounts we started accounting software. This year near about 600 new members joined in the association and that is why my cabinet earnestly trying to start a Bar Bhabon work for the accommodation of the members. Several new lands visited near about Agrabad area for the construction of the Bar Bhabon work which will be start after the conduct of the EGM. By the appeal and demand of some honourable members of the Bar Constitution of the Bar amended in the EGM by the majority consent and demand of the members and translation in Bengali of the present Constitution is now going on. New Membership Directory is now under process. We arranged our annual picnic of the Bar in Bandarban at Meghla spot in a befitting manner. 

My sincere General Secretary Alhaj Md. Omar Farroque (Advocate) and other secretary of my cabinet  all the Executive Committee members help me to do all activities and that is why I am grateful to all my executive committee officers and members.

Mustafa Kamal Mansoor Advocate

Chittagong Taxes Bar Association.